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Parent Portal

Parents can now access their student’s information from any computer with an internet connection. The Parent Portal App allows parents to check current grades, obtain immunization status, learn if their child had any recorded discipline or attendance issues throughout the day, check their child’s current lunch account balance, and even see what their child purchased in the lunchroom – all before their child comes home from school.

Community School District Survey

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Student Enrollment Information

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District Mission

District and school-based Title I Parent Involvement Programs in Polk county will strive to build RELATIONSHIPS to create real family engagement for every child, every family, every teacher, every day.

Technology at Horizons Elementary.

Technology is integrated in our curriculum through the use of:

  • Over 1,200 Computers including:
    • Laptops,
    • Tablets,
    • Desktops
  • School-wide Wifi and Internet
  • Smart Boards,
  • Class Room Projectors
  • LIGHT Speed Classroom Sound Systems
  • Document Cameras
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Five Computer Labs
  • Student Response System
  • HD TV Video Cameras
  • Fully Outfitted TV Studio
  • Instructional T.V. (ITV) progam
  • Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, technology instructional software, Google Apps, Moodle  and other software.

Explanation of State and District Test Scores

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test® (FCAT) is part of Florida’s overall plan to increase student achievement by implementing higher standards.  The FCAT, administered to students in grades 3-11, consists of tests that measure selected benchmarks in mathematics, reading, science and writing from the Sunshine State Standards (SSS).  Participating students include all students working toward a standard high school diploma, including English Language Learners (ELL) and students with disabilities.  Grade 3 students must earn an FCAT Reading score of Level 2 or higher on a scale of 1-5 in order to be promoted to grade 4.  Requirements of FCAT scores for passing to the next grade level may be found in the district’s Pupil Progression Plan.

The best understanding of a student’s academic achievement comes from looking at multiple pieces of evidence (including FCAT scores) collected over time.  Developmental Scale Scores were introduced in 2002 to track student progress over time and across grade levels to indicate student “growth,” or “learning gains.”  For this reason, they are the scores students and parents receive on their FCAT Reading and FCAT Mathematics Student and Parent Reports.  By using FCAT Developmental Scale Scores, parents can monitor their student’s academic progress from one grade to the next.  By comparing a student’s scores in the same FCAT subject for two or more years with the associated mean scores (or with the various Achievement Levels) for those years, it is possible to identify whether a student’s performance improved, declined or remained consistent.

ACCEL – Enhanced learning for significantly above average students. Application Deadline – June 3, 2016

Polk County offers the “Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning” to students that are significantly above average academically. The criteria and procedures for application are explained in the link below. Please click: ACCEL to view the flyer. Forms must be submitted to and signed by the Principal by June 3rd.

Useful Links and Resources

Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) letter

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School Volunteer Background $25.00 Check Fees remain the same.

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Registration Requirements

The following documents are required to enroll in a Polk County school:

  • A certified birth certificate
  • Immunization record (transferred to a Florida blue card)
  • A physical dated within one year
  • Two proofs of residence

The proofs must be from different categories, and they must show your name along with a physical address such as:

  • An apartment or home lease agreement,
  • A mortgage document, or property tax record
  • A current utility bill (electric, gas, phone, cable, water)
  • A voter registration document
  • Proof of government benefits (disability, Medicare, food stamps, HRS correspondence)
  • No driver’s license, personal bills, automobile registration,
    or insurance can be used.

If you are not able to provide any TWO of the documents listed above
because you live with someone else, you may use an affidavit of Residency.
The affidavit must be notarized by a notary public of the State of Florida, and along with that we will need two proof of residence for the person you are staying with.

Both of these forms must be submitted together